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Annapurna Region

One of the most popular and famous tourist destinations is The Annapurna Trek in Nepal that one can choose for vacation. Due to its biodiversity land n of Annuparna Trek has been able to steal the hearts of all the tourists who visit this place once; especially those who love to create adventures, memorable events in life as well as to the nature lovers, Annapurna Trek is one of the best to select. Offering you trilling view of over 7000 to 8000 meters of snow covered Himalayas. Annapurna region has made its unique recognition around the world.

Annapurna region will entertain you with 101 endangered species of animals, musk deer, fox, wolf blue sheep and leopards are some of them; this is not the end Annapurna region has been sheltering 474 species of other birds and animals, endangered 38 species of birds can be found here, some of them are Demoiselle crane, Golden eagle.  Various types of beautiful butterflies and insects, at least 41 types of reptile species and 23 amphibian species can be found in Annapurna region according to the latest research. More than 3,430 species of flora and 56 types of flowering plants species have made their habitat in Annapurna Trek region. People, who love nature and animals, wish to teach their children about wild life and Mother Nature and create memory for their future this is a great place to visit.

Nepal is well known for its diversity of people, their different culture and religion makes Nepal even more interesting country to explore. During your trekking in Anna Purna region you will be able to encounter mostly Buddhists in religion and Gurungs, Burmese, Thakalese, Magars, Tibetans and many others cast wise. People in different ethnic groups and backgrounds have added the beauty to this region.
Trek to Nepal offers you more surprising visits, memorable moments of life that you will be treasuring in your hearts for the rest of your life. We ensure your safety and amazing vacation tour to Nepal. Please kindly contact us for more details and information. Your service is our goal.

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