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About Reaching Himalayas Center

RHC is a humanitarian organization working in the great Himalayas of Nepal and beyond. We do this work by partnering with government, local organizations, international organizations, fellowships, and individuals in order to be able to address physical, educational, livelihood and emergency needs in the high Himalayas.


To see mountain people transformed spiritually and socially through good deeds to enjoy abundant living.


To lift up mountain communities and minimize every kinds of poverty by Partnering with local, national and international friends in order to be able to address physical, educational, livelihood and emergency needs.

Financial Accountability

Reaching Himalayas Center/Fellowship is committed to financial and operational integrity. It is registered with the Nepal government (Govt. Reg. No. 392), affiliated with the “Social Welfare Council” SWC/405/26683 and local government. It is registered with “Inland Revenue Department Nepal” (PAN number 303699103). The board leadership stands in solidarity with RHC and its ministries.

Community uplift Trainings

We do skills development trainings such as tailoring, agriculture and other trainings. We intentionally equip workers who will multiply and empower others to do the same in the high Himalayas of Nepal and beyond.

Community uplift Seed Project

The project provides capital funds for pig farms, potato businesses, butcher shops, cordycept businesses, handcrafts, rising goats, poultry farm and yak transport businesses etc. The goal is to help our workers to be self-supported in the market places and to strengthen high mountain communities economically.

Cleft lip and Palate projects

In the high Himalayas communities, the CLP patients are hided from the community and patients are also very shy to appear in the community due to CLP openly. This regions people think that it is a cursed from God due to sin. They had no opportunity to hear that this is not due to curse but it is the tissues in the baby’s face and mouth did not fuse properly due to genes problems with parents either drugs or viruses. We help Cleft lip and Palate (CLP) patients with their transportation, lodging, and food while they are in the hospital. We provide patients care center for them and health awareness lessons etc.

Widow Project

Pure and undefiled religion is to look after orphans and widows in their distress. We often encounter neglected widows in the high Himalayas. We provide food, clothing, love and care.

Arun Top English School

The Arun Top English School is located in Bhotkhola -2 Linggam the border gate way to Tibet. Where we support very poor 30 students in their tuitions and uniform, school bags and jackets. The reason that we started this school is that most parents want to educate their children in good school in Kathmandu and other cities. Some parents who can afford, they keep their children in Kathmandu and district to send their children in private school where their children would be educate well. Other poor people also want to keep their children in Kathmandu and other places but due to financial limitation, they return back. Parents are sometime separated due to the children education and there have been relationship problems in some of couples. With seeing all these problems, we started this school in lingam where we have now 65 students. All of the children needs desperately scholarship as well.

Educate Himalas

Scholarship in Arun Top English School

One of the greatest needs in high mountain community is to assist and elevate hundreds of helpless orphans and poor children who are deprived of their basic necessities. In order to meet those needs, we started a School (Arun Top English School), provide Scholarships, and opened an Orphanage.

Scholarship in Arunodaya Higher Secondary School in Linggam

This school runs grade 6-12 and we are giving scholarship for 10 poor children regularly who struggles to pay their tuitions.

Relief and urgency

RHC has been in heavily involved in helping the earthquake victims in helping them to build over 500 shelters, water supplies, food, blankets etc.

Social Services

30% of income goes to poor mountain children's education, orphanage and in need widows of great Himalayas.

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